Cheap web hosting South Africa

Cheap web  hosting has became an integral part of any business which seeks to have a digital foot-print. In this post i want to highlight my hosting hunt journey since i started my involvement in online related business. My greatest fears before securing web hosting were around pricing, how to pay the hosting, the validity period and support.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting in simple terms refers to the computer that stores your website, that computer must be always on the internet 24/7 without interruption.In technical terms its called a server,it must have special softwares in order to avoid things like maliocoius softwares and hackers tempering around your website.According to name cheap its simply being allocated a web server to store your web files.

Can i host my website?

Although some say its possible  i think its not worth it.It also depends with your business type and many other  issues but for most ordinary people its impossible to host one for your self why because of the following reasons.

  • You need internet access 24/7 that is super fast and secure so that the website runs efficiently.
  • You need technical know how to configure the special software’s needed to host a website.
  • Its practically very expensive than renting or finding a host that specializes  on that.
How much does it cost to host a website?

Web hosting cost is determined by several factors that i will highlight below.The first being how big do you want your website to be.This is so because  another cost factor is storage if you want to build a website with a  lot of pages, content and products the more the storage needed and the more you have to spend. The other factor is your targeted traffic ,if you are building a website that is supposed to receive a lot of traffic you need a website with a good bandwidth size.Thus the website’s ability to withstand traffic.Those are some of the cost determinants towards website cost. The later will also guide you when choosing the best hosting for your next website.So in South Africa  cheap hosting costs between R20 per month- R60 Per month

WordPress hosting
WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is all about the type of hosting that allows you to install the WordPress content management system easily and with minimum effort.

The host provider that we use and why?

We use stallion host why because of its flexibility in payment.They also  allow multi- payment methods thus bank deposits, debit card and other payment methods.

Their support tends to be slow but eventually they come across to address any issue you might have.Their cpanel makes it easy for you to install WordPress which is a great plus.

You can check more on their website by clicking this link