A digital marketing plan in your business is the one that can catapult you to success or lead to a non
efficient system that brings more confusion than marketing. It also gives direction to your marketing
efforts ,efficiency, a clear road map and out line what is needed in order to achieve set goals. Here some
benefits of a digital marketing plan in your business.

What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies available on the internet in order gain a competitive
edge in the market, leads, sells and exposure. The tools mostly utilized include social media ,websites,
email marketing, analytics, search engine marketing ,blogs, vlogs among other tools. The reasons why
digital marketing has gained momentum these days is due to automation and trackable results. With
digital marketing you can reach a wide market .However ,being this important it needs a well oiled
machinery that can deliver results rather than be one of those fancy things which are not practical.

(1) A digital marketing plan gives direction

As mentioned above any project needs a direction to follow and haphazard system is a complete
disaster especially when it comes to digital marketing. You need a system with a clear road map to
follow and clear goals to pursue.
One of the greatest challenges we see through most small businesses who come for our services is the
frustration that arises due to a harp hazard system that has no clear goals and road map. This leads
them to an inconsistent system of marketing that is mostly driven by desperation .After a series of posts
with no results they quit and without a good ow of customers a business wont survive.

(2) Clear roles

A digital marketing plan and strategy gives clear roles and responsibilities to members in an
organization. You know who is responsible for driving the strategy to success, this also ensures that all
digital touch points are addressed without compromise. Roles ensure that there is a sense of
accountability in the organization.

(3) Set out clear goals

According to the emarketing essential guide to marketing in a digital world a book by the Red and yellow
creative school of business “a strategy indicates the most advantageous direction for an organization to
take over a denied period of time. It also outlines which tactics and means should be used to execute
this direction”. With a strategy in place you know what needs to be done ,achieved and the time it will
take to reach those goals.

(4) Analysis and measurement

With clear roles and goals in place its easy to assess your progress .You are able to identify failures,
achievements and how you can improve. This is why having a clear strategy is very important because
without the ability to measure your efforts you never know if you are traveling in the right direction

(5) Correct tools

Since digital marketing involves a range of digital marketing resources like web applications, social
media ,email and many others. With a clear strategy you are able to get all the needed tools in place and
at the rightful time ensuring greater efficiency.
All in all its very important to have a clear and well planned blueprint ,it will give you direction and will
make sure that you can track your efforts and measure them. Without a clear strategy you will fail to get
the most out of your marketing efforts. We can help audit the current strategy in your business and help
you to ne tune it for greater efficiency.