Search engine optimization is the strategic  structuring of content in a way that is friendly to search engines.In South Africa google has approximately 95% market share hence its the main target when speaking about seo in South Africa. The reason why s.e.o is very important is that it always brings organic traffic when done properly.If you own a website, a business or a company you must read this post until finish because seo is the only way you can claim ownership.

What is search engine optimization?

It is the the process of structuring your content in way that makes it appear on search results.This happens when people are searching for information on the internet.In order for search engines to give people relevant information, they have structured their websites ,using what are known as algorithms .These algorithms crawl websites and look for specific things in order to bring relevant information to their visitors.

Why is it important and how do get more website visitors through seo ?

The most popular need for seo is on a website and its very important to website owners  so as to get visitors with minimum or no promotion.I always tell people that its pointless to own a website which is not well optimized.With no seo your  website is  like someone who writes a  novel then doesn’t  publish it, no one will read it.The same applies to a website.In so many cases i have met people who previously owned websites and they have since stopped doing so because they thought their website brought nothing in return.In actual fact with seo you will never go wrong.In order to claim you name over the internet ,optimization does not end with a website alone,your videos,image,social media handles and  posts should be well optimized again.

What should you do to make your content well optimized?

  • Write content in response to the popular questions asked by people on the internet called keywords
  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Update your content regularly
  • Write relevant content

There is more to it like back links,on page optimization and many other things,which i will write about in my next post.

How will you get more traffic?

Take for example if your images are well optimized say for a keyword like latest BMW chances are high that people when looking for latest cars they also google for the pictures.That alone  means website visits.

If your content is well optimized take for example on google maps chances are high that people who search for map related results need to pay a visit.

Search engine optimization is a broad topic which has more to it.Done properly it can bring leads for years.We help businesses and website owners with search engine optimization,we also write and do videos about this topic a lot,subscribe to our newsletter .If you need affordable seo services don’t hesitate to give us a call,we will surely bring your website on the first page.