SEO is one of the major topics these days why because of the proliferation of websites on the internet. It has become very easy and cheap to own a website however after obtaining one the toughest part is to make it attract more people to it, that part is where seo comes into play. Being  based in Capetown , i see website owners here are not spared either of the need to implement good SEO practices because competition is increasing day by day and there is need to vigorously implement good SEO practices.So my discussion today  is mainly focused on how to get seo services in Capetown, why, where, what to expect, how long can seo take to bring results and many other issues.

What is seo?

To me seo has always been the strategic structuring of content across different channels online in a way that convinces search engines that your content deserves the top spot. 

According to Moz 

SEO “stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results”

They further break it down to define quality traffic which is attracting people who are interested in your products or services naturally. In terms of quantity  its having a huge number of visitors from search engine results pages (SERPs).

How much is SEO services?

Seo services are always fairly priced depending with your industry and other variables. They  include the age of your website, the amount of work needed to take you to the top.Mostly SEO is not a one day event its a process which requires a lot of resources that include time,softwares and pr campaigns  hence all that requires a good investment. The best way to verify the authenticity of the so called SEO consultants these days check how much they price their services. The low your budget towards seo the slower the results. In terms of the actual pricing since seo is a process ,for a normal campaign  most agencies and consultants charge it based on  a monthly bases thus it ranges from R500 to R10000 or more .

How long does it take to see seo results?

As mentioned before Search engine optimization is a process not an event, if you are looking for results tomorrow or next month seo is not for you. You have to look at seo as a long term investment thus why its even better to have an inhouse seo team that way its cheaper and it will help you to achieve your seo dreams. So in total if your team is fast enough it takes at least 6 months to be on top however .it largely depends upon the following factors.

  • How aggressive is competition in terms of seo
  • The age of your website
  • The size of your website
  • Your investment in terms of time and other resources needed

Where can i get seo services in Capetown?

There are various agencies offering seo services in Capetown and the best way to get the best is to just google seo services in Capetown on your browser  consider the top three websites that appear below ads  those are the masters in seo, their appearance there is the best demonstration that they walk the talk, don’t choose the ones who appear because they have paid for adds No.

Currently the best are the following and i will have to first do a disclaimer that this post is for educational purposes mentioning these companies must not be viewed as representing them and the author has no connection to them but highlighting them is out of admiration of  the best so far.

They include

  1. Rudy digital
  2. Webseo
  3. Brandseed seo
  4. The agency

I am still to investigate how much they charge for services which i hope i will do soon and update this blog post.

Digmarkhub is also among the top seo services provider in Capetown.

We also offer seo services on this website, you can check our pricing by clicking on the top menu.

Are SEO services worth it?

The answer is yes! Why because once you get the formula right you will reap the dividends for  a long time and as time goes by it becomes cheaper and as easy as long you put time into it ,you will continue to get a consistent flow of quality traffic that also leads to more customers



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