Social media marketing in 2021 like anything its going to have some shifts and changes, the way people used to interact has been affected by different factors in which business and website owners should be aware of. An understanding of trends and shifts in the market will help a business grow and be way above its competition. Here are some key issues of discussion in this post. How can one use social media to market their products? What are the changes that may affect the way people used to market and how can one ride upon the changes to improve their marketing.

A few years ago when i first started marketing as a freelance sales representative ,marketing on social platforms was very easy ,i still remember i would create some few posts anytime of the day and throw into groups and after sometime i would receive messages in my inbox from people who where interested in my products. That was way to easy further down the years the number of inquiries started to decrease no matter the amount of effort i put into it ,the results became less and less why? This is the million dollar question.

Why do results decrease overtime.

One of the major reasons why results decrease is the scarcity of attention ,where by the rate of advertising in social media groups WhatsApp and Facebook is very high ,no one finds time to see someone’s advert because they are in the same group due to the same reason thus marketing. People are always interested in advancing their cause rather than attend to anyone else. Lets take a practical analogy on your buy and sell group .How many times have you read all the 10000 messages, its almost impossible to do so. Meaning you will ignore most of them.

The other reason is the rate of spam and scammers over the social media platforms. Consumers are more skeptic of any messages out there. Most people have lost their monies through some unscrupulous people around social media ,so for them to give you consideration your message must tape into the veins

The other factors include

  • Trends
  • Branding
  • Timing
  • Frequency

How can one use social media to market their products?

Social media is the best way available to market products and services and if done properly it can bring more leads than any form of marketing. The way to go around it depends on your business type ,your objectives and many other factors.

There are a few notably changes to expect in 2021.Gone are the days of just posting randomly ,you need to do branded marketing in order to have an effective social media Campaign. Take for example the Facebook market place is radically changing, Facebook is constantly developing the artificial intelligence to weed out un necessary posting. Most small businesses depend on abusing that platform. Its high time to change tactics and be more professional.

Professional and branded social media marketing.

This is the only way to go about it if you need a continuous flow of clients. You need to establish yourself as a brand not to be just some regular poster around there. Develop sales funnels where by your posts push people to where they will perform a required action.

Branded marketing takes time but the rewards exceed traditional social media marketing by far. The way you interact over social media as an individual and as a brand should be different. Try to separate the two to avoid conflict of interest. Branded marketing takes years or months but once you have a loyal customer base you enjoy automatic leads.

These days i am against long posts hence i was tossing points here there, I hope i did not deviate from my main message. To give it some direction, here are my key points. The first is social media has changed over the years and what used to work is slowly falling apart. The main issue is that your marketing over social media should be focused on building a professional brand and the last point is that personal and business social media interaction should be different.Check  predicted social media trends in 2021 from talkwater and hubspot