WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. We rely on the app on almost all things from socialization to business, its almost a brainer to spend a day without it. Today is September the 4th ,i thought my phone had developed a fault  then a few minutes later my friend  was knocking on  my door  with the same issue.

Network problems

At first i thought maybe its due to my service provider which is Telkom but later on when my friend came we discovered that even those using Vodacom and other networks were experiencing the same issue.

WhatsApp Global outage

According to Down detector  people have been reporting problems from their WhatsApp the majority being challenges with the app then  sending and receiving messages.

It appears like all Facebook related applications are down which means the main Facebook company servers may be experiencing problem.According to Reuters Facebook has given an official acknowledgement of this problem through a tweet.

What does the global Whatsapp outage mean to digital marketing

This is a workup call on making sure that you don’t over rely on one platform. Those who invested effort and resources into other apps like tiktok, telegram, twitter etc are enjoying the moment. Hence the conclusion is that it should be a good business lesson